Defeat the Guardians lying dormant inside the ruins! Within the ruins lie powerful bosses known as “Guardians”. To awaken the Guardians, you’ll need to produce a jewel known as the Ankh Jewel and a monument known as the Ankh. Defeating these guardians just may be key to opening up the path to the deepest depths of the ruins.

~Game Manual

A Guardian is one of the ten spirits that guard the secrets of Eg-Lana. Reaching a Guardian is difficult, because you first need to reveal an Ankh in the Guardian's room by solving puzzles, and then use an Ankh Jewel on the Ankh to reveal the Guardian.

Guardians vary in attack patterns and weaknesses.

List of Guardians

File:Boss fafnir.jpg


Fafnir, Guardian of the Roots of Yggdrasil

File:Boss vritra.jpg


Vritra, Guardian of the Valhalla

File:Boss kujata.jpg


Kujata, Guardian of the Annwfn

File:Boss jormungand.jpg


Jormungand, Guardian of the Immortal Battlefield

File:Boss anu.jpg


Anu, Guardian of the Ancient Chaos

File:Boss atenra.jpg


Aten-Ra, Guardian of the Dark Lord's Mausoleum

File:Boss echidna.jpg


Echidna, Guardian of the Hall of Malice

File:Boss surtr.jpg


Surtr, Guardian of the Icefire Treetop

File:Boss hel.jpg


Hel, Guardian of the Eternal Prison

9th Child, Guardian of the Spiral Hell

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