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Room Guards are miniboss-style enemies you will encounter frequently throughout the game. Unlike standard Enemies, Room Guards are usually tied to some puzzle, mechanism, or item that is triggered or obtained upon defeat. Many Room Guards are fought in enclosed rooms, the exits only opening up once they are defeated, and most do not respawn (though some may reappear). Though not as powerful as Guardians, defeating a Room Guard can sometimes require solving a puzzle or using a special item. All Room Guards leave behind a large Soul Stone when defeated, and some drop a sizable sum of coins as well.

List of Room Guards

Name Location
Ratatoskr Various (refer to this article)
Nidhogg Roots of Yggdrasil (D-1)
Kaliya Annwfn (D-1)
Ixtab Annwfn (E-4)
Heimdall Annwfn (C-5)
Cetus Immortal Battlefield (E-1/E-2)
Svipdagr Immortal Battlefield (H-6)
Vedfolnir Icefire Treetop (B-4)
Vidofnir Icefire Treetop (D-6)
Hugin & Munin Divine Fortress (E-3)
Badhbh Cath Shrine of the Frost Giants (D-3)
Tezcatlipoca Shrine of the Frost Giants (?-?; second room after coming from Corridor of Blood)
Balor Shrine of the Frost Giants (D-1)
Fenrir Shrine of the Frost Giants (C-7)
Unicorn Gate of the Dead (C-1)
Raijin & Fujin Takamagahara Shrine (E-3)
Daji Takamagahara Shrine (E-6)
Belial Takamagahara Shrine (A-2)
Arachne Heaven's Labyrinth (D-5)
Scylla Heaven's Labyrinth (B-5)
Glasya-Labolas Heaven's Labyrinth (D-3)
Griffin Heaven's Labyrinth (E-2)
Vucub Caquix Valhalla (C-3)
Jalandhara Valhalla (B-4)
Sekhmet Dark Lord's Mausoleum (C-7)
Angra Mainyu Dark Lord's Mausoleum (A-3)
Ammit Dark Lord's Mausoleum (B-1/C-1)
Ki-sikil-lil-la-ke Ancient Chaos (A-6)
Anzu Ancient Chaos (D-2)
Phaia Hall of Malice (E-4)
Cerberus Hall of Malice (B-5)
Chimera Hall of Malice (D-4)
Colchian Dragon Hall of Malice (C-4)
Delphyne Hall of Malice (C-3)
Hydra Hall of Malice (B-3)
Karkinos Hall of Malice (F-4)
Ladon Hall of Malice (E-3)
Nemean Lion Hall of Malice (B-4)
Orthrus Hall of Malice (D-5)
Hraesvelgr Eternal Prison - Doom (C-5)
Ajisukitakahikone Eternal Prison - Doom (C-3)
Urd Icefire Treetop (E-4)
Verdandi Roots of Yggdrasil (F-2)
Skuld Spiral Hell (?-?)

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